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In this age of technological advancement , people all around the globe are losing out on the health front . Nations around the world are baffled by the sheer magnitude of the crises unfolding in front of them . This slow menace is even dented the economic prowess of both developed and developing nations . Major budgetary allocations are siphoned off to tackle this menace but governments are in vain . The problem lies with the policies of the respective governments . Governments follow policies that are very counter-productive and contradictory . To solve this endemic they have to go the root cause of this scourge . On one hand they give impetus to healthcare issues by providing necessary allocations while on the other, issue licences to tobacco and liquior industries to expand their business , which is single biggest cause for health degradation. The only justification governments give for these licenses is that these institutions contribute a lot of money to the exchequer. But in reality the governments have to dole out more than earn in the form of insurance and subsides . They should have a long term solution to this problem . The direction must be right to atleast slow it if not stop it . So my suggestion to everyone is let us eat healthy and be healthy to make not only people around us happy but even our own governments .

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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Health Tips I

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pls find the health tips part I

To have a wonderful health , our day should start with exercise,pls find the exercise steps here,

. Walk 10 Minutes a Day and Increase Your Fitness Level

Old thinking was to work out in a sweat-filled gym for hours a day. No pain, no gain. New studies show that even short bouts of activity can increase your fitness level, especially if you're new at working out.

.Park and Walk

Whenever you have an errand, park your car as far away as you can handle and walk to the store. At the mall, park at the farthest end and walk the length of the mall. Use every opportunity to walk. At the end of the day, it all adds up to better fitness.

.Crunch in Bed

Before you even get out of bed in the morning, do 10 stomach crunches while lying flat on your mattress. Increase daily by one until you get up to 100. Think you'll never get there? Try it. You may eventually have to set your clock to wake up 15 minutes earlier, a small price to pay for a flatter stomach.

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Health Tips

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